Reliable Company

Yooil Rubber Company

Ethical Management

Based on an ethical corporate culture, Yooil Rubber respects the market economy's order of transparent fair competition and complies with all laws and regulations.
By doing so, we are doing our best to grow and develop together with all our stakeholders by increasing the company's value and creating a company that customers
want to deal with and employees who work for.

1. Definition

  • 1.1 Ethics

    - The principle of distinguishing the right and wrong and the principle of value for a person's behavior.

  • 1.2 Customer

    - Who are affected by the stablity of the car and the OEM companies including Hyundai Motors, Kia Motors, GM and etcs.

  • 1.3 Supplier

    - A company that provides us with a variety of products or service .

2. Responsibilities

  • 2.1 Ethics for Customers
    1. Respect the customers, cosider as customer's perspective and make them the top priority, in the perception that customer is the goal and reason to exist
    2. Respect the customers and make continuous effort to find the true values that customer needs, in the perception that customer more develop and company can develop more.
    3. Strive to accurately understand customer needs and expectations to provide the best products by securing techinical skills as the world's most powerful automotive body parts company to meet them.
    4. Listen and accept humbly customer opinions and suggestions, and handle customer complaints as quickly and fairly as possible.
    5. Protect the client's technology, intellectual property rights, business secrets and customer information more precious than the company's property.
  • 2.2 Ethics for Trading partners
    1. Abide by the laws and regulations of all countries and local communities and respect social values, such as culture and customs, during social and business activities. 1. Faithfully abide by all laws, standards and basic orders, and respect the culture and customs.
    2. Respect the competitors, and compete freely and fairly by fair means and the ability.
    3. With the better skill and ability, do the constant competition through the better product and high quality service.
  • 2.3 Fair Transaction
    1. Give an equal opportunity to an individual or group who are deserved for bidding, contract, procurement and etc.
    2. All of the contract should be make a contract fairly on equal position and in a public place.
    3. No fraudulent actions, such as direct/indirect receipt of money and valuables, favors, conveniences or treats from the interested persons.
    4. Respect the creative ideas and suggestions, and become the leader in creating changes by endlessly striving for innovation.
  • 2.4 Ethics of Management and Employees.
    1. Company gives trust and affection to employees and respect individual religious, political opinions and privacy.
    2. Company do the best employees to achieve a life value and pride based on strong ownership.
    3. Company gives fair opportunities to employees for education, promotion and etc based on their ability, evaluate performance and achievement fairly and do not discriminate against gender, education, age, religion, region of origin and disability.
    4. Company reward employees based on objective criteria and encourage self-development.
    5. Company support and encourage an ability development for empolyees and promote their creative and company create condition to propose their opinions freely to promote employee's autonomic way of thinking.
    6. Company always gather an opinion to resolve the problems of employees with a free system of suggestion or proposal for organization and company.
    7. Company do the best to establish a system for employees to execute their duties and make employees to get pride.
    8. Company make a work condition for employees can work in a comfortable and safe condition and implement programs to improve employee's health, education, welfare and etc.

3. Business procedure

  • 3.1 Fair task performance
    1. Employees should perform their duties fairly as per the all relvant laws and regulatoins.
    2. Do not invest in, or have monetary transactions with, interested transaction partners or organizations with the company.
    3. No exertion of any type of wrongful coercion or influence using the superior status and respect each other.
  • 3.2 Mission Accomplished

    - Do our best to achieve the responsibility by not only sharing the management ideology and vision but also identify the goals of organization.

  • 3.3 Conflict Avoidance
    1. Undertake the tasks with fairness and impartiality by removing the personal feelings and interests.
    2. Employees should consider the interests of the Company first in the event of conflicts of interest between the Company and the transaction or team.
  • 3.4 Separation
    1. Clearly separate public and private interests and No activities that disrupt the performance of the work in working hour.
    2. Do not use the company properties for personal use
  • 3.5 Transparent Information and Accounting Management
    1. Various information on the business activities must be accurately and clearly recorded and reported based on facts, and must be managed as the intellectual property of the company.
    2. Information acquired during the performance of the job shall not be disclosed without prior permission or approval.
    3. Do not make false or exaggerated reports, nor concealing or monopolizing important information.
    4. Management information should be announced as per the regulations and enhance transparency and confidence of management.
  • 3.6 Use of information communication in Company

    - Employees to use Intranet to enhance the productivity and efficiency and followings are prohibited.

    1. Connect to online games, an obscene chat, gambling and a pornographic site.
    2. Stock sales.
    3. Illigal things such as use or theft of unauthorized IP and transfer of IP permission.
    4. Use of unlicensed software or viral spread
    5. Company information leakage