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Yooil Rubber Company

Human Rights Management

Yooil Rubber declares to implement Human Rights Charter to actively follow human rights management while preventing human rights violations related to business operations and minimalize the risks. To implement human rights management, Yooil Rubber obeys guidelines and international standards related to human and labor rights, such as The Universal Charter of Human Rights, International Labor Organization Conventions, OECD guidelines etc.

The Charter of Human Rights

All employees of Yooil Rubber shall follow the Charter in relation with all interested parties in the transaction relationship. In case when the matters covered in this Charter conflict with the local national legislation, it may preferentially comply with the local legislation. The Charter may be revised and used reflecting the laws and industrial characteristics required by the relevant country, and separate detailed policies may be established if necessary. All employees of Yooil Rubber shall perform their duties following the Charter of Human Rights, except when there are already special laws, such as national law clauses or organizational regulations or company rules etc. related to that matter.

Fundamental Principles

  • 1. No Discrimination

    - Yooil Rubber establishes an organizational culture that does not discriminate against interviewing, employment, promotion, training, salaries, welfare basing on factors such as gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, disability, age, family status, position, contract period, non-regular position, union membership, social status, and political views etc.

  • 2. Compliance with working conditions

    - Yooil Rubber shall comply with the legal working hours of each country in which the business is conducted, and shall pay all employees reasonable compensation for their work along with the statement of salary. In addition, the company shall provide an appropriate work environment for all the employees to have a sufficient amount of educational opportunities and for a work performance to enhance their lives and develop their capabilities.

  • 3. Humane Treatment

    - Yooil Rubber respects the privacy of all employees and thoroughly protects personal information. The company does not treat any employee by using mental or physical coercion, abuse, irrational treatment.

  • 4. Ensuring freedom of association and collective bargaining

    - Yooil Rubber respects the national labor-related laws to which this Charter of Human Rights applies, and provides all employees with sufficient communication opportunities.

  • 5. No forced labor and child labor

    - Yooil Rubber does not force any employees to work against their will by using assault, threats, imprisonment, or requiring identification or visa. In addition, child labor is prohibited in principle, and any measures shall be taken to ensure that educational opportunities for minors are not limited due to the labor.

  • 6. No sexual harassment and work harassment

    - Employees are not allowed to use coercive verbal violence, physical contact and sexual harassment, sexual coercion, mental coercion, etc. The company immediately takes appropriate measures to protect victims and prevent secondary damage in the event of related incidents and respects workers' rights to personal information or privacy.

  • 7. Assuring industrial safety

    - Yooil Rubber regularly inspects facilities, equipment, tools, etc. in the workplace for the employees to work in a safe working environment, and prepares appropriate measures to prevent physical and mental risk as well as follow-up management.

  • 8. Protection of Local Residents' Human Rights

    - Yooil Rubber employees shall not violate the human rights of local residents when performing their duties, and protect the rights of local residents to safety, health and freedom of residence.

  • 9. Protection of Customers and Suppliers Human Rights

    - Yooil Rubber employees shall not violate the human rights of employees from customer and supplier companies while performing their duties and establish the best measures to protect personal information gathered during business operations.

  • Human Rights Violation Treatment Process

    - Yooil Rubber operates a channel for receiving reports from employees and other persons or groups that had recognized risk or a violation of human rights. The company guarantees the anonymity of the reporting person and makes sure the person would not be disadvantaged by the report.

  • Reporting channel for Human Rights Violation

    - Department : Administration team
    - Report : 051-719-0703
    - Communication channel :